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Chaya's Updates!

We are going to attempt to give you all updates on Chaya on this page. Please check back here for updates as we have received many requests for updates and this will us simplify and put updates on one place.

Thanks for all your love, prayers, and care for Chaya and our family in this time!

We love you and love to hear from you, but may not be able to respond in an appropriate timeframe, so thought we would try this route to see if it helps...


UPDATES: (most recent updates at the top)

Monday, Aug. 26th (one week later) - Chaya is doing MUCH better this week. She is up and around and having MUCH LESS pain than last week!

*Thank you all so much for your prayers, concern, and checking in!!

**Our Church Family has put together a "Meal Train" to bless us during Chaya's recovery! AMAZING Church Family! Thank you all a billion...cause I (Rick) CAN'T COOK to save my life!!!

*Some of you have asked about meals, so here is the link if you wanted to sign up...

"Meal Train" Sign-Up Link (HERE)


Mon., Aug 19th - 10:15am - Chaya's doing great, managing the pain, up and around a lot more.


5:31pm - Chaya is eating some meals, getting up and walking around a LOT (not overdoing it though), resting a LOT, nurse says she is doing way better than expected!

*Looks she may not come home until Tuesday at this point...

*Thanks again for checking in on these updates! I will try to post once in the morning, and once in the evening, then down to once a day, then as necessary.

*We missed you at church today babe!!!

Sun., Aug 18 - 11:01am - Well, that escalated quickly!! We had no idea the surgery would be so extensive (not even the surgeon)!

*Gallbladder - removed

*Appendix - removed

*2 MASSIVE “diverticulum” (huge sac that had formed off of the bowel that was catching food and was moments from perforating, which could have caused massively serious problems!!) - removed (thanks SOOO much Doc for finding these!! We are SOOOO GRATEFUL!!!)...Dr. said that this was only the third patient she has ever seen with these, and that these were some of the biggest she has ever seen!!...also that this is likely what was causing most of the abdominal pains.

*Spots on liver - cauterized (not concerning to the Dr., but done as a future safety precaution)...

**Chaya has been up twice this morning to walk the halls and get her “guts” into relationship with one another again! Pain meds are helping, but still needs a LOT of rest.

**Dr. said she would be feeling a LOT better in a few days

**Will remain in hospital until tomorrow (Monday)...hopefully home sometime tomorrow...depends on the progress

**Praying for good rest, proper healing of all these “removals”, and that this takes care of the original problem she came in for!!

**Praises for an AMAZING Hospital, AWESOME staff and surgeon team, ANSWERED prayers, and Provision of the Lord that this was caught before it was more serious!!


7:33pm...WOW! SUCCESSFUL SURGERY!! Let's just say this surgery was a "GOD SEND". Dr. Cater found plenty to clean up while in surgery. The gallbladder removal was just the tip of cleaning up some other things in her abdominal area...we will leave the details out for Chaya's privacy, but the surgeon (Dr. Carter) was VERY thankful that the gallbladder tipped us off to surgery, because many things were found and cleaned up! She is in "wake-up" mode now. She will likely not be home from the hospital until Monday due to a more invasive surgery than anticipated. Thanks SOOO much for the prayers!!! GOD ANSWERED in such PRACTICAL WAYS!!!

7:06pm...almost done with the surgery according to the attending surgery nurse...

5:27pm...they are taking her in for surgery NOW! Pray for Dr. Carter to be attentive, skilled, and wise in the surgery! Should take approx. 1-1.5 hours (hopefully done by 7:00pm)!

4:35pm..getting first preps for surgery...probably surgery at 6:00pm...

....Surgery DELAYED....had to put another surgery in front of hers....still waiting

Sat., Aug 17 - Rick & Chaya's 17th year Anniversary - spent waiting on the gallbladder surgery.

*Surgery is scheduled for 2:00pm today...but that's "hospital time"...HA!

*Chaya's HUNGRY!!! - hasn't eaten for 48 hours...

*Surgery MAY or may NOT fix the "abdominal pains"...they may have to search elsewhere after this gallbladder removal...good thing is that we are convinced that the gallbladder needs to be removed...

Fri., Aug 16 - Enloe ER with abdominal pain

*found that the gallbladder needs to be removed. It's only working at approx. 9%, has gall stones, and Chaya had a gallbladder attack 6+ years ago.