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“Thank you so much for what you did at the retreat. We were amazed at how well what you planned fit with everything. They all loved you and want you back!!!”
-Debbie Woolverton (Women’s Ministry Leader)

“We were grateful to have Chaya with us and I felt she spoke to the hearts of many in our congregation. She was delightful to work with and we appreciated her graciousness.”
-Peggy Edgerton (Salinas Valley Community Church)

“Chaya did a beautiful job at the women's retreat. She has such a rich voice. She's a beauty inside and out!”
-Sandra Hayworth (attendee)

“Chaya. We attend Calvary where I purchased both of your CDs. I want to thank you for your gifts. The very next day my husband and I seemed to fall under great attack. I have soaked before the Lord, with both of your CDs. Anointed, gifted, and a heart for the Jesus. It has made the storm easier and strengthened me. Thru adversity brings the true JOY of the LORD. Thank you”

“THANKS for being with us on Sunday! You were so well received and had such a sweet spirit about you. The solo moments were just perfect. Great sensitivity to where the congregation was at and like a magnet pulled them to a beautiful place of worship. Way to go! We look forward to having you back in the future. Thanks again for co-laboring in ministry with us!" 
-Jeff Zabel (Worship Pastor) Neighborhood Church, Castro Valley (3 Crosses Church)

“Chaya was great. Our congregation here at RCF loved her. I truly appreciated her sensitivity to her audience, although she had them eating out of her hand and she could have done whatever she pleased and they would have gone right along with her.”
-Jerry Mapes (Worship Pastor) Redding Christian Fellowship

“Chaya did a great job yesterday. She was confident and professional, but Spirit-led in her words and leading. During the services I soon stopped "critiquing" what she was doing and just worshipped myself. She was well received and the services flowed well. She sensed her role during communion. May God bless you both in continued ministry”
-Dave Mason (Senior Pastor) Brentwood Neighborhood Church.

“How was your overall experience with Chaya’s Music Ministry? ‘Great! God wanted her there that morning and the things she said went right along with the over-all message of the morning. Chaya doesn't just perform for the audience-- she connects with them through her music and overall message. It was refreshing for us to have such a honest witness who showed depth instantly in her program. She is not afraid of being "real" which is what people need to see if they are going to be encouraged to go deeper in their faith.’”
-Mariann Eitzman (Women’s Ministry Pastor) (First Presbyterian Church, Roseville)

“'Chaya is a young singer/songwriter/keyboardist from the Sacramento area who rocks. Her stuff is original, introspective and inventive and she personally is very transparent and authentic”
-Sylvia Lange (Professional Christian Artist)

“Chaya did a beautiful job on Sunday. Her voice is wonderful & I enjoyed so much the comments she made before singing. It was a gift to our congregation to have her visit. She truly added to the worship of the morning. Thank you!”
-Jenny (Worship Leader) Cordova Neighborhood Church

“I've heard nothing but good reports! Most impressive (and important) to me was the fact that people said Chaya drew them in to was more than just a guest doing music. Thanks to both of you for your willingness to make this arrangement!”
-Wes Niles (Worship Pastor)Brentwood Neighborhood Church

“I wanted to tell you how much our congregation enjoyed having Chaya with us. She was wonderful - very real with the people, and seemed very much at home. Chaya shared her heart with us. She was real, and she led the believers to the throne of grace. We would love to have her back sometime.”
-Pastor Kyle Coffin (Santa Rosa Alliance Church)

“Let me just say, I was bowled over when I heard Chaya singing. I honestly can say with as much as I have been around in the industry, I have *very* seldom seen such well-rounded artistry and a real honesty of heart. It was quite refreshing.”
-Scott Dotta (Producer/Engineer/Artist in Nashville)

“Music Director of Radio Station (CITA FM in Moncton, NB) said he was “blown away” by Chaya’s unique vocals and is looking forward to programming her on the show.”
-CITFA FM , Moncton, NB, Canada

“Thanks, Chaya. God ministered to me through you.”
-Neal Doty (Senior Pastor) North Shore Alliance Church.


“The overall experience with Chaya was second to none. She is an awesome singer, to say the least, and her humble spirit soothed and healed our souls. Honestly, I pray that the whole country could experience her music somehow.”
-Daniel Malloy (Worship Pastor) First Baptist Church, Galt.

“Donna Summer . . . can only wish she was as talented as Shirley Bassey, Madonna, Celine Dion, or even Chaya Pitcher (Christian vocalist).”
-CD Reviewer.

“The songs on the album were written as an expression of Chaya's life journey."
-B.J. Bassett , Times-Standard

“I love the sound of Chaya's voice, and the messages of her music. I believe she will REACH many with her songs!”
-Sherry Charles

"I first heard her in church and was amazed by her voice."
-Peter Kramer

“Chaya is an incredible talent who shares her message with music that is straight from the heart with beautifully raw truthfulness that touches my heart.”
-Carol, B. fan.

"I listened to your samples on www.indiegospelmusic.comthis morning and it was beautiful. Your voice was tugging at my ear.”
-John Jeffries, Singer/Songwriter

"What a difference a song can make to a persons day- what a change a CD can bring to one's life’- Thanks

"Our church was greatly blessed by Chaya's music ministry. Her beautiful voice coupled with a compelling story of personal pain and the abundant grace of God really touched our folk's hearts. I know God will continue to use her unique gifts and talents to minister to the greater Body of Christ."

“You really touched me and I bought both CDs in Roseville, Ca. I have brought them back to Texas and shared them with others. They have been a huge part of a healing period in my life. I would love it if you put your version of YOU MUST FORGIVE on your next CD. God used you and your talents--thanks for letting Him.”
-Tory Hook, fan.

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