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by Le-Vel

Thanks for checking out this supplement system and seeing if it is a fit for you.  Everyone has to find their own fit, and I'm just excited to be able to share how THRIVE has TRULY worked for me.  After a multi-year search, I've found this to be the answer that fits so many of my desires:


*healthy supplements

*sustained energy

*mental clarity (...sanity with 4 young children ;^) 

*weight/appetite control

Below you will find:

*My THRIVE story

*My Husband's THRIVE story

(he was SUCH a skeptic at first!!!)

*How to learn more about THRIVE

*How to become a customer and order THRIVE

*More about the business opportunity that THRIVE presents



I LOVE it, and I was able to convince my husband!!!


We all have that “special” moment in life, when we realize that we aren’t always going to look or feel the way we did when we were 20 years old.   When that happens, we can choose to begin to put effort into living a healthier lifestyle, or not.   My “moment” happened when I was 35.  I was pregnant with baby #4 and I was miserable!  I ate whatever I wanted, gained a ton of weight, saw wrinkles beginning to form near my eyes and had a bunch of pimples (probably caused by hormones and unhealthy eating habits).  I made a commitment to myself at that time to make some changes.  I wanted to live.  I wanted to feel as great and as energetic as I possibly could.  We all want to feel that way!  But it’s SO difficult isn’t it?!

Here are my top 4 Tips:

    ⁃    Eat as clean as possible

    ⁃    Drink H20

    ⁃    Sleep

    ⁃    Exercise a bit

    ⁃    THRIVE every morning!

I knew about the first 4 tips for a long time... we’ve all heard those over and over again!   I began doing those first 4 tips but I still felt like a lethargic, exhausted, foggy brained, homeschool mother of 4 young kids. I began researching supplements online and I asked my doctor what I should take?  I asked friends what they took, I read articles...etc.. I researched so many different supplements and multivitamins and I tried a lot of them... I never saw OR felt a difference.  I simply hoped that they were doing “something” on the inside to benefit me in some way.  

I’d drink my 2 or 3 cups of coffee (with MCT oil, Cacao powder, & collagen) in the mornings hoping that it would wake me up.  It did for a short time.  Then - the crash.  And I was exhausted for the rest of the day.   Then a friend introduced me to THRIVE.  I was SO skeptical but I gave it a chance.  

Everything. Changed.  It only took one time for me to know that this was exactly what I had been searching and hoping for.  (Not everyone feels great the first day, but my husband & I sure did)! 

It is the only supplement that I need. I cut my coffee down to 1 small cup each morning.  (Because, delish)  I have sustained energy all day & I feel healthier than I ever imagined possible.  

I encourage you to try this out.  Take care of yourself. ❤️




....more details here...


There are MANY different THRIVE products by Le-Vel that you can check out on their website (, but I will be focusing on the basic daily regiment that is recommended and that I am currently taking:

STEP 1:  2 Capsules (first thing in the morning)

STEP 2:  1 Shake (20-40 minutes after taking the 2 pills)

STEP 3:  1 Patch (wear for 24 hours)



Take these two nutrient filled capsules first thing in the morning!  There is a special formula for both men and women



Take this one shake 20-40 minutes after you take the capsules in the morning.  There are lots of different flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, apple pie).  The vanilla and chocolate shake taste GREAT (haven't tried the others yet)!!! 

*After this step, I literally feel:

     *FULLY awake

     *FULLY alert (but NOT wired)

     *ENERGIZED and happy for the day ahead

     *ALL before my cup of coffee (see funny video) !!!!)



Apply DFT (Derma Fusion Technology - whatever that means) Patch to a clean dry shoulder/bicep area and wear for 24 hours.  This is the part where I was SUPER surprised!

*During the rest of my day I experience:

     *SUSTAINED ENERGY (that seems to be healthy)

     *MENTAL CLARITY and POSITIVE/Happy Attitude (I know, sounds weird...)

     *CURBED MY APPETITE (this was a huge surprise to me when I started easily saying "No" to all the little snacks throughout the day...I even had to "remind myself" to eat!!!  I know, sounds weird...)



New Additions

There are many other THRIVE products, we just haven't tried them yet:


     *DFT DUO - (dual patches - for weight management)  this would be an upgrade from your baseline DFT patch - in case you were wanting to step up your weight management/appetite control (this is an "upgrade" during the "shopping cart" process when ordering your "auto-ship" baseline products above).

     *DUO:BURN - their most effective weight loss product (in case you want to really ramp up your weight management).  This is also an "upgrade" during the "shopping cart" process when ordering your "auto-ship" baseline products above. 

     *THRIVE:FIT - their BRAND NEW Fitness Performance Line...

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